2017 FCYC / Disabled Sailing Association Integration Regatta

2017 FCYC / Disabled Sailing Association Integration Regatta

2017 FCYC / Disabled Sailing Association Integration Regatta

Date: Sunday July 16th 2017
Location: Jericho Sailing Club
Email Us: touws@telus.net

The False Creek Yacht Club (FCYC) and the Disabled Sailing Association (DSA) are pleased to invite you to participate in the FCYC/DSA Integration Regatta to be held on Sunday, July 16th, 2017


 The Regatta will consist of no more than eight (8) boats, four (4) being sailed by able-bodied members of FCYC, and four (4) being sailed by members of the DSA. The boats will be skippered single-handedly, except DSA skippered boats may include a sailing companion.  All boats will be provided by the DSA.


The available boats will be split into four (4) two-boat teams, i.e. two (2) boats will be available to each team. Each team will consist of one (1) skipper from DSA, and one (1) skipper from FCYC.


 A minimum of one (1) race is planned, starting at 1300 hours. Races will commence once all boats are on the water and checked in with the Race Committee. Additional races may take place depending on weather and wind conditions. No races will be started after 1530 hours

Skippers Meeting

A Skippers Meeting and Boat Draw may be held at the DSA Jericho facility at 1200 on Sunday, July 16th 2017, at which time the DSA/FCYC teams will be announced. Ramp downloading will commence at 1230.


Please register by completing and signing the Registration and Waiver Form.

Registrations for DSA sailors to be submitted to Edward Sim, Head Sailing Instructor, Jericho.

Registrations for FCYC sailors to be submitted to touws@telus.net

All entries must be received no later than noon Friday, July 14th, 2017.


The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2017- 2020 will apply.

Individual races will be scored in accordance with the Low Point Scoring system, Appendix A, i.e. each boat finishing a race shall be scored points equal to her finishing place. All other boats shall be scored points equal to the number of boats entitled to race. One (1) throw-out will be allowed if four (4) races are sailed.

To be eligible for official standings, a minimum of one (1) race must be started.


There will be a gathering at Jericho immediately following the races. BBQ will start at 1730. A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the first place Team.